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  • 6/1/17 7:00 am EDT
    BIRMINGHAM, Ala.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Protective Life Corporation (“Protective”), a wholly-owned U.S. subsidiary of Dai-ichi Life Holdings, Inc. (TSE:8750, “Dai-ichi”), announced today that its board of directors has elected John D. Johns (65), the company’s Executive Chairman and Richard J. Bielen (56) the Company’s President and Chief Executive Officer. These changes are effective July 1, 2017. Mr. Johns joined Protective in 1993 as the Company’s Executive Vicemore...
  • 5/26/17 10:36 am EDT
    Cathy Lindberg holds her 24-year-old daughter’s riding helmet between them and traces the matte black brim with her forefinger.“What makes this a princess helmet, Molly? Can you show us?” Her daughter raises her finger to the two gold horse stickers catching light from the top of the helmet. A smile stretches across her face. “That’s right,” Cathy says. “Because they’re magic.”When Molly’s riding helmet is strapped on and she mounts her black-and-white horse, Oreo, she is a princess. She takesmore...
  • 5/22/17 10:08 am EDT
    BIRMINGHAM, Ala.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--First Protective Insurance Group, Inc., a subsidiary of Protective Life Corporation, today announced that Eric Miller will join Protective Life as President of First Protective Insurance Group. Miller is a 28-year veteran of the financial services industry with strong sales, distribution, and marketing leadership experience and extensive life insurance and annuity expertise. His track record includes work in the BGA, broker-dealer andmore...
  • 5/10/17 6:31 pm EDT
    Four years ago, Marcus Fetch had nothing to lose. The young Nebraska native was a drifter, moving from town to town picking up construction jobs when he needed money. At 24, he landed in Birmingham, Alabama, not knowing a soul. What happened next was fate in the making. He saw a need. Having lived on the road, meeting people from all socioeconomic groups, Marcus felt compassion for others living in poverty. He saw them struggle with what should be basic amenities – busses running late, busmore...
  • 4/24/17 11:24 am EDT
    David Lamb, 20, paces in the small music room at the Samford Academy of Arts as board certified music therapist Sunny Davenport plays the piano. When she stops to turn to a new song in the old music book he brought, he stops, too, waiting for the music to begin again. It doesn’t take long.Sunny starts a more upbeat tune. A slight smile pulls across David’s face. He paces again, speeding up to keep up with the beat. This is his reward. When Sunny finishes the third song, she slides off themore...

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