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  • 11/28/17 12:06 pm EST

    There are approximately 6,000 children currently living in foster care in Alabama, according to the Alabama Department of Human Resources. Some need foster care for a short time until they can be united with their biological family. About 300 others cannot return home and are put up for their adoption.

  • 11/20/17 2:45 pm EST

    The sound of drums from Woodlawn High School’s band practicing in the distance sets a rhythm to the activity at the nearby two-acre teaching farm, where a handful of students are laying irrigation for a crop of collard greens. The intercity farm offers these students a rare opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the many aspects of farming with the goal of cultivating a generation of community leaders.

  • 10/18/17 11:23 am EDT

    In July of this year, Kazunori Tago, one of the world’s finest Japanese temple and shrine builders, returned to Birmingham to celebrate a structure he had designed and handcrafted a quarter of a century ago. The Japanese Tea House at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens symbolizes the idea of bringing cultures together, and it was instrumental in forging a friendship between the cities of Birmingham, Alabama, and Maebashi, Japan. 

  • 10/5/17 4:10 pm EDT

    On one of July’s hottest days in Birmingham, Alabama, a team of Protective Life Corporation employees converged at the Joe Rush Center for Urban Mission and quickly battled a mass of overgrown shrubbery and trees, giving a fresh look to the mission camp. What they left behind was a lasting impression.

  • 9/20/17 4:15 pm EDT

    Jeff Newman, hobbyist mine historian, walks along one of the trails at Red Mountain Park in Birmingham, Alabama, where the Birmingham Mineral Railroad used to run. He pushes fallen branches out of the way, a habit learned from years working maintenance at the park. “I’m here to make the park look good, no matter what it takes,” he says.

  • 9/6/17 5:14 pm EDT

    It’s not every day you find a corporate executive taking care of zoo animals. But for David Loper, it’s a privilege. Loper, Senior Vice President and Counsel at Protective Life Corporation, loves rolling up his sleeves for the Birmingham Zoo.

  • 8/23/17 5:22 pm EDT

    Images of Cabo San Lucas with its picturesque beaches against the backdrop of the Sierra de la Laguna mountains reveal why the city on the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula is a popular vacation destination. But not far from the high-end resorts and golf courses, Casa Hogar, a refuge for children and teenagers unable to live with their parents, is celebrating a recent renovation that provides them expanded access to clean water.

  • 7/26/17 5:25 pm EDT

    With the details of each spin in his mind from a colorful menagerie of animals on a merry-go-round, Art Ritchie has built or restored at least five-dozen carousels in the 32 years since he and Daniel Jones founded Carousel Works in Mansfield, Ohio. But he specifically remembers the Protective Life Carousel at the Birmingham Zoo, because during his restoration work, one of the South’s infamous spring storms ripped the canopy for the carousel right off its cables.

  • 7/13/17 5:31 pm EDT

    Birmingham’s Ryan J. Swain takes the stage in the world premiere of an Off-Broadway show. And when he walks onto the stage at the National Black Theater to star in the debut of “Kill Move Paradise,” he says he has, in part, Protective Life to thank. Ryan is one of more than 200 recipients of Protective Life Scholarship and Academic Awards Program.

  • 6/29/17 5:33 pm EDT

    The Liberty Learning Foundation is an Alabama-based organization dedicated to teaching children the importance of civics through hands-on demonstrations that take them beyond the classroom. Learn why Protective Life is proud to support this organization’s efforts to empower and inspire America’s youngest citizens.

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